Noble Drunk

Lord Janus of Darthing Ford

Lord Janus was an intelligent nobleman who lived in Darthing Ford in Anvar.

History and PersonalityEdit

Born and raised in the city of Darthing Ford, Janus grew up as the member of his family who took the active role in trade agreement, as his father was very sick and his mother died giving birth to him. Janus became very wealthy by securing trade deals concerning weapon shipments with Cramen and Orkay, deals which famously irritated members of the Easthaven Trading Company. Janus was courteous, savvy and famously fond of drinking.

In the CampaignEdit

During the string of brutal murders in Darthing Ford, Janus noticed that the merchants being killed were all those who had had trade deals concerning arms and armaments. He became paranoid that they would come for him, and deduced that the assassins were supernatural. He confided in Lord Kavrond and in Viserys, Iskander and Hanu, as well as the lord, Kogan Darkbow, so in a way he had helped to solve the murders. However, Janus was assassinated in his home by Jack Morgan. The party arrived to find his body flat on the table, a knife embedded in his chest.