Lord Kavrond of Darthing Ford

Lord Kavrond is an Anvarian merchant living in the city of Darthing Ford. He is a dwarf, although his family are not part of a Duran noble house.

History and PersonalityEdit

Kavrond's family are from an offshoot of the Duran clan Stonebow, though long since stripped of nobility. Kavrond became known as a lord when he bought a mansion in Darthing Ford using his family's savings. Since then, he has grown prosperous, securing trade deals with Dura, particularly of weapons. Indeed, it was Kavrond who first began selling dwarven explosives internationally (although not firearms; that honour belongs to Hanu Alessandri) which earned him the attention of the Easthaven Trading Company. Kavrond is somewhat reclusive, although he does seem to have a cool head for negotiations, and he is now the most wealthy merchant in Darthing Ford.

In the CampaignEdit

Kavrond was one of those who felt at risk of being murdered during the seekers' attacks, particularly after the assassination of Lord Janus. The party spent the night at his home in Darthing Ford, and although he tried to hide his dealings with countries such as Thane and Nashka, he was in no way involved with the murders. He went into hiding in Blackrock temporarily, returning to Darthing Ford when Bruan Darkbow replaced his father Kogan as ruling Lord.