Dwarf Mountaineer

Lordan Lowboot Preparing to Enter the Underdark

Lordan is the clan leader of the Duran House Lowboot. He is known for his traditional nature and his family's ancient homeland in the Underdark.

History and PersonalityEdit

Lordan was born nearly three hundred years ago, and is a tough and well-travelled dwarf. He became clan leader only recently when his father Esgar died at the age of five hundred and twenty. Growing up, Lordan was taught the stories of his family's old homeland of Starhaven, a great underground city which has since been lost to the ages. He has attempted many expeditions into the Underdark to find this city and reclaim it, but has gone home empty handed every time. Lordan is married with four children (most notably his younger daughter, Talisa, who is currently Queen of Dura). He is close friends with Hodd Highshield, the lord of Vandheim (the dwarf village below Val Kormin in Orkay). In manner, Lordan is polite, quiet and sometimes bitter.

In the CampaignEdit

Lordan was a candidate for the Duran throne after Endrin's death, and he was initially one of the more popular choices. He made it down to the final five candidates for kingship, alongside Iskander Redbeard, Jaquen Hammerfist, Nuhu Xon Dovos and Maximillian Dace. On gaining Lordan's support, Iskander promised he would try and reclaim the city of Starhaven below Dura. He also asked for Talisa's hand in marriage, which she accepted, with Lordan's approval. Later, there was an attempt on her life by Carta members at a feast in Grimfaust, but thankfully she was unharmed.

Lordan Lowboot currently sits on the Duran Small Council as Master of Mines.