Lordo the Merchant

Lordo is a dwarven merchant and disguise expert living in Mirkwind in Anvar.

History and PersonalityEdit

All the party knows of Lordo is that he is a contact of Dragomir's, is very good at keeping secrets, and knows how to change someone's appearance for fifty gold coins. He is brisk but not impolite, and unusually for a dwarf, his family crest is not in sight.

In the CampaignEdit

It was Lordo who redesigned the parties' appearances after their brief crime wave in Darven, meaning they could safely travel the roads again. Dragomir paid for this service, and Lordo offered to put them up for the night, to which they graciously refused.

It can be assumed he also sold out the party to Thanish soldiers at a later date, albeit probably under some form of physical or magical influence.