Madrik Redbeard, Scholar, Smith and Artisan

Madrik Redbeard is a dwarven smith and artisan living in the city of Lake Home in Dura. He is noted for his talent at making jewellery and his wisdom.

History and PersonalityEdit

Madrik was born into a life of relative wealth into the Redbeard clan. Although from a young age it was known the position of clan leader would be granted to his older cousin Iskander, Madrik never seemed to mind. As a child he was quiet and thoughtful, and he excelled at the crafts of smithing and refining jewellery. He graduated from the presitigious Halgard Smith's Academy at thirty three and became a well-known jeweller serving Thorbar Xon Dovos in the city of Lake Home. After Thorbar's factories were closed down, Madrik opened a shop and became a craftsman in his own right. He retains that position to this day, and takes pride in his prestige and popularity throughout Dura for the quality of his goods. In manner, Madrik is kind, gentle, and loyal to his cousin Iskander.

In the CampaignEdit

Madrik first encountered the party as a whole in Lake Home, outside the Braided Beard Inn, where they were accosted by Jaquen Hammerfist and some Carta thugs. He invited the party to stay at his shop, and agreed to travel with them temporarily. He accompanied them to the Bonecleaver Islands, but arranged his own return due to the haste with which they left.

More recently, Madrik was Iskander's staunchest supporter in his claim to the Duran throne. He currently serves as one of the nation's foremost smiths and artisans.