Mah'lok, the Chosen and Leader of the Horde

Mah'lok was Graz'zt's Chosen, a slayer of incredible skill and the leader of the Horde. He was responsible for countless atrocities and deaths among the Legion of the North and his other enemies. He was often accompanied by his half-brother Vandred.

History and PersonalityEdit

Mah'lok's past is utterly unknown to the party, save that he was a powerful slayer who helped to organise the capture of Jack Morgan and the murders in Darthing Ford. He spent some time watching the prisoners in the bowels of the Easthaven Trading Company Headquarters below the city of Easthaven. In manner, Mah'lok was utterly merciless and vengeful, although he did seem to have some loyalty to his brother Vandred. He was extremely ferocious and evil, seemingly enjoying committing acts of shocking brutality.

Skills and PowersEdit

Mah'lok was the greatest of the slayers of the Horde, which in itself is no small feat. He wore a suit of black chain and platemail, and carried a massive fullblade which he wielded easily due to his demonic strength. Despite the weight of his armour, Mah'lok was lightning fast and extremely acrobatic, meaning that he easily evaded many attacks and could deliver unexpected blows from above. His gear was all heavily enchanted in some manner to improve his talents in melee combat, which bordered on the stuff of legend. He also showed some skill with the bow, but very rarely used it due to his preference of his sword. Mah'lok was also intelligent, strong-willed and influential.

In the CampaignEdit

Mah'lok first appeared when he attacked the party below the Easthaven Trading Company Headquarters. Although combined, they nearly overwhelmed him, Vandred saw them off using magic, but too late to prevent their rescue of the prisoners. Mah'lok disappeared temporarily, returning as a rumour much later.

In Scarfell, Mah'lok was present as a general in all three major battles, although rarely on the front lines. There was an attempt on his life by Viserys, but this failed when the lich was killed by Vandred.

At Howling Pass, Iskander spotted Mah'lok wearing a suit of fullplate armour and carrying a smaller sword, and after a bloody conflict the dwarf killed the slayer, only to learn that he had killed a magical copy of the slayer designed to spread morale among the Horde. The true Mah'lok, who was now named chosen, had fled deep underground and through a portal, where the party tracked him down to his tower, Blackspire, and executed him.


Garvix the magician believed that Mah'lok had fled into an interplanar stronghold, and this has since been confirmed through investigation.