Malavord, the Drow-King of Khul Drasta

Malavord was a drow wizard of considerable power who ruled over the village of Khul Drasta, which formed a small portion of the Val Kormin complex below Orkay. He styled himself king, but it is likely that was an adopted title rather than official.

History and PersonalityEdit

Malavord's past remains largely a mystery to the party, but it can be assumed that he was essentially the leader of an expeditionary force of drow into the ruins of Val Kormin. Having taken effective control of the entire dungeon, Malavord appointed himself king and had the village of Khul Drasta constructed, as well as creating a number of side chambers, golems, traps and riddles, for he seemed to enjoy puzzles and thought games. He had most of the other denizens of the dungeon wiped out or enslaved, though he was unable to defeat Hodd or the Vandheim dwarves, Rajhinn escaped him, and he did not know of Tarnish or Krueger. In manner, Malavord was cold, intelligent and cruel, though he was impressed with the party's prowess.

Skills and PowersEdit

Malavord was an accomplished wizard whose magic was largely focused around spells causing pain, especially fire. He would usually start combat by making himself fly above and then unleash a rain of fire upon his enemies, or constrict them with conjured black tentacles before using fireballs to wipe them out. He wore a crown which improved his considerable charm, and gloves which allowed him to climb like a spider. He also had a stylised golden dagger, but he probably never really used it.

In the CampaignEdit

The party went hunting Malavord alongside Jack Morgan and Backbiter, due to the promise of a bounty of 15,000 gold pieces. Having infiltrated his compound and bypassed his traps, they planned an attack masterfully on the wizard. Hanu was enchanted by Viserys to make him invisible, and in one devastating blow he cut Malavord's throat. His companions, a crossbow-wielding rogue and a warrior with two swords, were both killed by Jack, Backbiter, Iskander and Viserys. From his hoard, the Crown of Glory and Gloves of the Spider were plundered and his golems were stolen.