Malliver Goldbuckle, Ready for Battle

Malliver Goldbuckle is a dwarven paladin and the steward of Dura. He is acting ruler in King Iskander's absence.

History and PersonalityEdit

Malliver is about two hundred years old, and was born into a time when the Goldbuckles were considered to be a proud and cruel house. Historically, they were the wealthiest and most traditionalist house, routinely exiling and executing those who went against their standards. From his hometown of Grimfaust, Malliver grew angry at his family for their deep unkindness and greed. He left Grimfaust - and abandoned his responsibilities - at the age of thirty, and became a brother in training in the knighthood of the Holy Knights of Moradin. After successfully completing his training and earning his paladin's armour, Malliver fought against the Horde in Scarfell for a time, as many in Dura routinely do. However, recently the paladin returned to his hometown for his father Andren's funeral, and soon after adopted the title of clan leader. He has so far led his family in a far more liberal, generous direction, despite anger at him by his cousins and mother. In manner, Malliver is quiet, intelligent and deeply loyal.

In the CampaignEdit

Malliver was among the candidates for kingship of Dura after Endrin's death, initially giving his support to Maximillian Dace, but he later supported Iskander after some deliberation, abandoning his own plans to assume the throne.

He currently serves as Dura's steward and manages Iskander's council, including Thrond and General Dace. He rules in the king's absence, which seems to be most of the time, and makes sensible decisions regarding Duran affairs. So far, he has neglected to invite Viserys of Koboldova to any council meetings.