Marco the Treasure Hunter

Marco is a young treasure hunter and adventurer from Darthing Ford in Anvar. He has a constant companion named Vino.

History and PersonalityEdit

Marco was born about twenty five years ago in Darthing Ford. He seems to have some manner of mental deficiency, often caught staring at things for long periods of time or not registering questions asked of him. His friend Vino decided to take care of him and acts as a kind of adoptive brother to the simple-minded older man. Vino takes Marco along on his treasure hunts, both to look after him and also because Marco is quite a big, tough man. He is reasonably skilled with a halberd which Vino stole from a guard outpost. Marco is quiet and simple-minded, but people often find his stares off-putting.

In the CampaignEdit

Marco was first encountered as one of the adventuring groups exploring the Shatterstone Caverns (the other being Paedran's) with his companion Vino. Their group had not gotten far - only two caves - and the party warned them not to go any further. Vino and Marco wisely heeded this advice and left the caves.

Much later, Vino and Marco were discovered back at the caves, although they were now under the occupation of Viserys' kobolds. The kobolds captured the young adventurers and imprisoned them in the eastern cells. Their skeletons were found years later by King Iskander during a routine inspection.