Maugrim Hunting in Frostleaf Forest

Maugrim is the leader of the Scarfell dread worgs, great malicious creatures that stalk the darker reaches of Frostleaf Forest.

History and PersonalityEdit

Maugrim seems to have had a close bond to the gnoll Reaver, more so than any other members of the Horde, with which the dread worgs are not truly affiliated. In manner, Maugrim is sardonic and cruel, his speech lazy and amusing. His pack seem to support him in everything he does.

In the CampaignEdit

Maugrim and his pack encountered the party on the edges of Frostleaf Forest, though Maugrim and most of his pack did not stay for the fight, instead returning to Reaver's Lair, where they dwelled underground. Two of his pack were killed in a battle with the party, though Maugrim was never fought.

Later on, Viserys sealed Maugrim and his pack inside their cavern in Reaver's Lair, though later tunnels suggested that they dug their way out.