Mazrukal, Wizard and Arcane Sage

Mazrukal is a powerful wizard who inhabits a tower near Fenmarch in the Grey Marches.

History and PersonalityEdit

Mazrukal claims that he was born in the Western Dales to a peasant family, and that most of his childhood was spent tending the orchards of the local lord. He and his friend were apparently routinely invited into the lord's house to associate with his young children. The lord recognised some of Mazrukal's intelligence and requested he be sent to Calenhad to become a member of the High Circle of Magi. He studied under the tutelage of Master Rookworm, one of the five masters. Mazrukal speaks about Rookworm bitterly; he had been an unpleasant and harsh taskmaster. When Mazrukal learned from Mistress Cassandra that Rookworm had formerly been found guilty of a number of counts of necromancy and murder in Anvar (and had fled north to escape) he challenged the older wizard to a duel. Rookworm accepted, and almost killed Mazrukal in the ensuing arcane battle. However, he spared Mazrukal's life on the condition that he would not teach him further. Embittered and ashamed, Mazrukal left Calenhad and the High Circle behind him. He purchased a small piece of land near Fenmarch and had a tower constructed, and for the last few decades he has become far more powerful. He has a minotaur bodyguard who expresses a great deal of loyalty to him, though the motive here is unclear. Mazrukal is quiet and moral in nature.

Skills and PowersEdit

The party has never seen Mazrukal fight, but it is suggested that he is a talented wizard especially proficient with enchantment and abjuration spells. Within his tower are a number of powerful artefacts which illustrate his arcane capabilities, such as his Wheel of Arcane Intervention, his Alchemical Laboratory, and his Dissection Room. Mazrukal is intelligent and strong in spirit, though physically he is slight and not very strong.

In the CampaignEdit

The party heard from D'Val in Tommen's Crossing that Mazrukal's Tower had been overrun by gnolls and bandits from the north. Sabjorn, Daevis and Eredain all travelled to the location and began by assassinating the guard posted outside the main doors. They fought their way through the tower and discovered Mazrukal being guarded by his minotaur below the cellars. He told them that the Order of the Crimson Sun, a strange and evil cult, had attacked his home, and that they were led by a warrior named Devlan. After Sabjorn, Daevis and Eredain killed Devlan, Mazrukal thanked them, paid them a large sum of money, and informed them that his doors were always open to them.

Later, the party found his missing tome in the hands of a man named Silvio. He thanked them once more and repaid them its value, as well as disguising himself as Dryson and talking to Jared with them.