Melisand Fo' Real

Melisand the Drow Leader

Melisand was the leader of a small group of drow who were sent to assassinate Carvos Shademaster in Sarafey Forest.

History and PersonalityEdit

Melisand's past remains largely a mystery to the party. He was probability nobility in a dark elf city, as he was leading his group, and because his talents suggested an arcane education. Whether his assignment was of his choosing or whether it was intended as a punishment is unclear, although he did express a dislike for Carvos. The reason for the drow's involvement was that underneath his helmet, Carvos had smeared his skin with deep purple paint to resemble a dark elf, and many saw Carvos as representing a drow invasion force. The authorities of the dark elf kingdoms saw him as an inconvenience and authorised his assassination. In manner, Melisand was calm, eloquent and professional.

In the CampaignEdit

Melisand encountered the party in the ancient druidic burial grounds and suggested that they work together to assassinate Carvos Shademaster. He proved his ability as a wizard while fighting shade cultists and the Bull, but he was killed by a thunderbolt sent by the halfling Vahandri. His companions, two drow who carried sharp scimitars and wore chainmail, took his body and returned to the Underdark after Carvos' death.