Morkhazastansivenereth in Flight

Morkhazastansivenereth (or Morkhaz) was a young adult red dragon working with the Horde. He worked primarily with the blackguard Mance Rictar.

History and PersonalityEdit

Absolutely nothing is known of Morkhaz's past. At some stage, he agreed to work for the Horde, and as Herot usually managed recruitment of the Horde, it is likely that it was he who approached him. He was given occupation of Jagged Peak above Rictar's fortress, and told to come should the gong sound. Morkhaz was relatively stupid for a red dragon, but brutal and evil as any of his wiser kin.

In the CampaignEdit

Hanu, Iskander, Viserys and Backbiter decided to kill Morkhaz before the assault on Jagged Peak Fortress, so they scaled the cliffs and slipped into the cavern mouth. They had a small wager as to who would land the killing blow on the dragon. The fight was brutal and drawn out, with heavy wounds on both sides. In the end, Backbiter landed the final blow, although Iskander had dealt the bulk of the damage to the dragon. They plundered his hoard and readied themselves to assault the fortress below.