Nash rethinking his life

Nash is a corrupt dwarven guardsman from the town of Winterhome in Eriabourne. He is currently serving time in the town prison for embezzling, theft and conspiracy to commit treason.

History and Personality Edit

Nash was born into a warrior family, and like many was inducted into the temporary guard force in Winterhome following an attack by the nearby ettin. Nash is exemplary of many of Winterhome's worst guards; corrupt, greedy and disloyal to anything beyond themselves. He differs from many others because of his cunning and ambition, setting him up as a criminal leader under the nose of his Captain, Myron.

Skills and Powers Edit

Nash is a surprisingly capable combatant, skilled with his dual axes and proficient enough to deliver brutal, often lethal blows. He worked well when overpowering or cornering his enemies, relying on strategy over brute strength when fighting. He was also able to bully or bribe others into working for him, having a small number of dwarves who worked exclusively for him.

In the Campaign Edit

Nash was first mentioned to the party by Jazid, who told them that Nash was going to meet with Vardis Vaden in an effort to sell crates of starglass to the pirate captain Squidface. Azuk, Keldin and Renagen interrupted this meeting, beating Nash and Vardis as well as their hired swords. Nash was taken back to Winterhome (after being held under Redwood's mayor's house while the party hunted for the werewolf Rhama), where he was tried and found guilty of theft, embezzling and conspiracy to commit treason. He is still serving his sentence in the town prison.