Nuhu Xon Dovos

Nuhu Xon Dovos, Merchant Prince and Businessman

Nuhu is the clan leader of the Duran Xon Dovos House. He is known for his intelligence and business ventures.

History and PersonalityEdit

Nuhu grew up in Halgard at a time of relative wealth for Dura, and from a young age showed a keen interest in politics, economy and trade. He was enrolled in the Halgard Trade Academy at the age of thity, graduating at thirty five. When many of his family were massacred by a dwarf thug named Bodahn, Nuhu's father Thorbar became mentally unstable and eventually disappeared. Nuhu was left to manage the affairs of what remained of his family. He married while young and had two children who are now fully grown. Nuhu became known for his skill as a merchant prince, as he purchased Duran materials from other clans and then sold them internationally at a profit. He also moved for setting up a Duran Merchant's League, comparable to the Cramen Merchant's Guild or the Easthaven Trading Company. Nuhu is seen as decent, business-driven and perceptive.

In the CampaignEdit

Nuhu was a candidate for the Duran throne after Endrin's death, and he was initially one of the more popular choices. He made it down to the final four candidates for kingship, along Iskander Redbeard, Jaquen Hammerfist and Maximillian Dace. On gaining Nuhu's support, Iskander promised he would try and improve Duran trade internationally and move to create Nuhu's merchant league.

Nuhu Xon Dovos currently sits on the Duran Small Council as Master of Trade.