Orvik Stonebow, Traditionalist Clan Leader

Orvik is the clan leader of the Duran House Stonebow. He is known for his skill in battle and traditional views, particularly regarding elves.

History and PersonalityEdit

Most of Orvik's life he spent within his family home in Sundercliffe, a small isolated community in the Ironwall Mountains. Like most of his family, Orvik is considered bigoted and racist, as when he does attend clan meetings he usually suggests invading Ravain or imprisoning all elven aliens in Dura. Despite his many failings, Orvik is a famous warrior, noted for his bravery at the Battle of Frostleaf Forest in Scarfell where he slew many men, including a slayer. In general, Orvik is extremely difficult to talk to because of his stubborn nature, his ignorant world view and his racist opinions. That being said, he is a loyal ally to have and a dedicated defender of Dura.

In the CampaignEdit

Orvik was a candidate for the Duran throne after Endrin's death, though he was not a popular choice, being the second to be eliminated from the running after Thoram Iron-Breaker. He lent his support to Jaquen Hammerfist throughout the election without wavering, probably because Jaquen agreed to impose sanctions on elven immigrants, unlike the other clan leaders who ignored Orvik's speeches. Iskander believes that Orvik and Jaquen worked together to try and remove him from power after he was elected king. Naturally, Orvik despises Viserys and wants him executed for what he calls "the elven invasion of Dura."

Connections Edit

Orvik previously employed the blacksmith-turned-adventurer Keldin.