Paedran clad in his usual full plate, helm and shield

Paedran is a strong and resourceful warrior from Orkay. He is in service to Garvix and usually acts as the magician's right hand man. He carries a powerful magical morningstar called the Iron Star.

History and PersonalityEdit

Paedran was born in the city of Cyris over thirty years ago, and at some point he took up service with the wizard Garvix. His role is traditionally to fetch items, to hunt down enemies, to find information or get new recruits for the cause. It is unknown how much Paedran earns for this line of work, but if the wealth of magical items he carries is anything to go by, it is a vast amount. He was sent by Garvix to retrieve the Abyssal Scroll from the Shatterstone Caverns. Paedran is courteous, secretive and seemingly loyal to Garvix. His motivations beyond this are unclear.

Skills and PowersEdit

Paedran is a strong and intelligent warrior, and he has developed a unique approach to combat. Using his wealth, he bought the heaviest, most expensive, most metal equipment he could, meaning that most blows do not even come close to touching him. He uses various items to keep his enemies' weapons away from him, such as rings and amulets, his armour and shield, even his enchanted helmet. His weapon of choice is the Iron Star, a powerful morningstar, which he purchased at some point after leaving Shatterstone.

In the CampaignEdit

Paedran was first encountered in the Shatterstone Caverns some time after Vino and Marco, having led a party into the ruins to retrieve the scroll. He attempted to lead the party astray from their own goal, but they sensed his intentions and overpowered his group. They allowed him to leave, which he did grudgingly.

He was next encountered in the tavern just inside Arcanator, alongside a number of other adventurers, although what he was doing here is unclear. He watched impassively as the party beat up Rod and Hanley.

More recently, Paedran has appeared fighting in the Legion of the North in Scarfell. Ever the servant of the magician Garvix, he used a scroll of some manner of enchantment on the mercenary Raven, though the motive here is unknown. He also challenged the dwarf Iskander to a duel, but was defeated by the dwarf in two undeniably effective blows.

He encountered the party in the bowels of the dungeon containing Mah'lok's Portal, and informed them that Garvix desired to speak with them in the ruins of the airship near the dungeon's entrance.

When the parties agreed to work together, Paedran was among those chosen to aid in the fight against Mah'lok atop Blackspire. He also journeyed to Passage alongside the party. When the palace guards attempted to arrest the party after they fled the vaults, Paedran stormed the guards alongside Jack Morgan and Tarnish. Notably, Paedran helped defend Iskander by killing Captain Azeidan.