Percival Fenry is the Lord of the town of Watermeet in Eriabourne.

History and Personality Edit

Lord Fenry

Percival was not always a nobleman, nor was he always wealthy.

Born in the city of Coldharbour, he served as a general assistant in the Merchant's Guild until he was granted an official position. He then traveled the Savage North, making a fortune by selling Dwarven goods to the people of the Dales and to the Grey Marches. Fenry eventually sold his remaining stock to a friend of his, although this attracted the ire of many of his companions from the Merchant's Guild. He then purchased a mansion in the town of Watermeet in Eriabourne.

After a number of years, Fenry had adopted a role as the town's bank, as he would often pay for the construction of bridges and public works. It came as no surprise when he was chosen as Lord by King Geralt, and he vowed that he would make the town thrive.

Fenry dresses in typically flamboyant clothes and smiles often, but he remains a shrewd businessman and a clever negotiator. Many have underestimated the well-dressed Lord and paid a heavy price for it. In manner, Fenry is charming and amiable, making friends quickly and surely.

In the Campaign Edit

Fenry approached Azuk, Osfryd, Keldin and Elijah in Watermeet's largest tavern, Jathred's Haven, and asked them to reclaim a letter from a number of bandits, not reading its warded contents. After securing the letter, Elijah eventually forced it open through magic, and learned that Fenry had a (presumed) lover named James somewhere. A Southerner named Tazar asked to purchase the letter, but unsure of how best to use the letter, they refused him. Later, they exchanged the letter for ownership of the castle of Widow's Watch.