Rashbars the Troll

Rashbars is a troll from Kuldan. He very briefly travelled with the party while they searched for Graz'zt's crown.


Rashbars was one of the many trolls displaced from the city of Silur Cha by the jann Jamankai and the yuan-ti Blackscale. He travelled to Ravain and Altea operating as a mercenary or hired muscle, but eventually struck upon the idea of escorting adventurers back to the swamp city that he might reclaim it. He was crafty enough, but lacking in bravery and wisdom.

In the CampaignEdit

Rashbars was hired to escort Hanu, Iskander and Viserys to Silur Cha, and for this he charged the hefty fee of 1500 gold pieces. He was persuaded to lower the price to 750 gold pieces upon arrival near the ruins of Silur Cha, but this proved irrelevent as all the gold was stolen back by Hanu. Rashbars was presumably furious upon discovering this theft, though he has not since appeared to the party.