Reaver, Gnoll Hero and General of the Horde

Reaver was a gnoll warlord from Scarfell. Many of his people had demonic ancestry and he became a powerful leader of the Horde alongside Mah'lok, Vandred and Herot.

History and PersonalityEdit

Reaver was for most of his life a simple warlord of his people, based in Scarfell but periodically attacking settlements and merchants for gold and goods. However, his people came into contact with a slayer named Mah'lok. Mah'lok made Reaver an offer, that the gnoll would be granted abyssal powers in exchange for fighting with the Horde. Reaver swiftly accepted this offer, lending his people to the cause during the rising of the Horde. He also brought with him a number of orcs, his giant hyena Howler, and a pack of dread worgs led by their largest male, Maugrim. Reaver was the leader of most of the attacks on neighbouring countries like Bruanon, Cramen, Orkay and Dura. He also led the primary forces prior to the Battle of Frostleaf Forest. Reaver was a perceptive and cunning gnoll, though he was hugely ignorant of the world outside of Scarfell.

Skills and PowersEdit

Reaver was an extremely proficient hunter specialising in tracking humanoid prey, but he was also a powerful combatant. He fought primarily with his bow, and was able to shoot up to three arrows at once to great effect. He often employed stealth on the battlefield, or used minor healing abilities to cure his injuries. If pressed into melee, Reaver engaged foes fearlessly with his axe or sword. Despite his capabilities of inflicting horrific damage, Reaver was not particularly resistant to injury.

In the CampaignEdit

Reaver was first referred to by King Sargon, who informed the party that the gnoll was leading raids on the army camp and on nearby villages. A team of competent adventurers was assembled to assassinate Reaver in his lair, which comprised of Hanu, Iskander, Viserys, Backbiter and Raven. They travelled into the caves below Frostleaf Forest, battling Sylas and other enemies. They also rescued Ser Davan from torture from an ancient demon in a forgotten crypt after fighting numerous highborn.

Finally, the party confronted Reaver in a ruined courtroom of the Old Empire, in which the gnoll was killed, despite fierce fighting. However, the mercenary Raven had his head ripped off by Reaver's hyena Howler.



Howler, Reaver's Hyena

Reaver's companion was an enormous dire hyena known only as Howler. The hyena was immensely strong and durable, and its bite was truly devastating. The warrior Raven was killed when Howler tore off the wounded warrior's head. However, Howler was put down by a well placed spell from Viserys.