Renagen is an old ranger from the village of Redwood in Eriabourne. He has since become a member of the Bloodsworn mercenary company, and has taken residence in their headquarters of Widow's Watch.

History and Personality Edit

Renagen Ranging

"If not for you, my village would be lost. You have my eternal gratitude, and my bow for as long as I live."

Renagen was born in the village of Redwood to a hunting family. When a gnoll raid ended with the death of his brother, mother and all but his youngest sister, he and his father ventured into the forest with bows, determined to avenge the massacre of their family. They tracked the gnolls to their cave and slaughtered them, and Renagen and his father assumed the role of the protectors of the town. His father died of a heart attack some years later, and Mayor Osborn officially granted Renagen the position of Redwood's Ranger.

Renagen has since become older, shrewder, and prone to adopting a cautious approach. Nonetheless, he is extremely brave and honourable, sometimes risking his own life to save others. His primary goals are the defense of the weak and upholding the good.

Skills and Powers Edit

Renagen is very capable with his bow, able to accurately fire around twenty arrows a minute. He is also proficient with a longsword, but his lack of physical strength makes this inefficient. He is a skilled tracker and hunter, with keen senses and great wisdom. He also has a fox familiar by the name of Sheva.

In the Campaign Edit

Renagen encountered Azuk, Keldin, Osfryd and Elijah at Laisha's castle, Rosewood Hall. He asked them for aid in his village, Redwood. They accepted, provided he aid them interrupt Nash and Vardis Vaden's meeting on the river near Watermeet. After they eventually tracked down and killed Rhama the werewolf, Renagen agreed to serve as the steward of the Bloodsworn. He helped them storm Widow's Watch and was among the first to swear the oath of the Bloodsworn.