Salverian of King's Wood

Salverian is an elven sellsword and former bandit who lives somewhere in King's Wood in the Grey Marches.

History and PersonalityEdit

Salverian was found abandoned in the High Forest as a baby by an elderly ranger, who raised the boy as an apprentice, at least until his death at the hands of the bandit Matthias. Matthias took Salverian into forced service under threats of torture or death, and the elf became one of the brigands terrorising the rich roads in the northeast of the Marches. Salverian plotted revenge against the bandit leader, but was unable to act due to the other bandits serving Matthias. Under the cover of night, Salverian finally left the cave, killing the guards posted by the entrance and making for Waymeet.

In the Campaign

Salverian encountered Daevis, Sabjorn, Eredain and Throben in King's Wood, and he requested their help in killing the bandit leader Matthias. However, Daevis and Sabjorn did not warm to the former bandit and refused. Daevis challenged the elf to a duel, but Salverian declined and left.