Ser Anders

Ser Anders of the Grey Crusade

Ser Anders is a skilled paladin and a member of the Grey Crusade from Altea. He helped the party in wiping out the presence of Carvos Shademaster from Sarafey Forest in Dura.

History and PersonalityEdit

Anders was born into a relatively poor noble family in the city of Freehaven, Altea, but from a very young age he was aware of the level of corruption in the streets around him. He spent a time serving in the civil guard before he and other guards tangled with a gang of necromancers in the sewers below Freehaven. After executing them all and destroying their complex, Anders was furious when his superiors expressed no interest in further investigating the magi. He became dedicated to wiping out evil and necromancy and became an initiate of the paladins of Pelor. After fulfilling a successful contract to hunt down a number of demon summoners he became a full member of the Paladins of Pelor, and later a brother of the Grey Crusade. With some of his gold, he purchased a large castle in Cramen, where he currently resides. His most recent contract was to hunt down and eliminate Carvos Shademaster from Sarafey Forest. In manner, Anders is noble and valorous, if somewhat vain and bigoted. Despite serving the light, he believes in vengeance over redemption.

Skills and PowersEdit

Anders wields a large claymore and is clad in fine full plate armour, which is gilded, and wears a snowy white cloak. He typically blesses himself and his allies before entering any conflict, and while fighting attempts to engage the most powerful enemy immediately with his blade. He always attempts to heal the wounded as soon as possible, even in the midst of battle. He is strong and hardy, but not particularly fast or wise.

In the CampaignEdit

Anders introduced himself to Hanu, Iskander and Viserys in the temple of Pelor in Sarafey Forest. He offered to join them in hunting down Carvos Shademaster, which they accepted. He helped them defeat many foes, from night hags to shade druids and rogues, and also saved Viserys from what could have been certain death. However, when Jack Morgan arrived from Anvar, Anders insisted that he be executed for his crimes. The party felt that Morgan had been reformed, and Anders angrily stated that either Morgan left, or he left. Soon afterwards, Anders left.