Ser Davan

Ser Davan of Claymount battling the Horde

Ser Davan is a paladin of Pelor who was among the first to recognise the threat posed by the Horde.


Ser Davan was born the son of a nobleman in Claymount, Anvar. He trained from a young age to become a knight, and earning the title gave him satisfaction for a time. However, he felt that the threat posed by demons in the world went far beyond his lord's lands, and Davan travelled to Altea to join the Grey Crusade, before he decided the order was not for him. Instead he rode to Pelor's Grand Temple in Cyris, Orkay, and after a gruelling course of training and scholarship, he was granted the abilities of a paladin. He took up the cause of stopping the Horde and rode the lands of Anvar seeking allies.

In the CampaignEdit

The party first encountered Davan in Greyhold's mercenary warehouse while recruiting Hanu, though they agreed he was fanatical and his cause unworthy of their time.

Much later, while deep in the caverns beneath Scarfell, they discovered Davan to be the long-tortured prisoner of an ancient demon, having ridden north alone. His journal proved to be a valuable insight into the categorisation of the creatures of the Horde, but although they returned the paladin to safety, he seems deeply disturbed by his ordeal and does not speak easily. A small group of mages still tend to his bedside, praying for his recovery.