Shavram of Orkay as he arrived in Anvar

Shavram (usually known as Shavram of Orkay) is an elven crime lord currently dwelling in the city of Narrowhaven in Orkay. He has had a number of run ins with the party.

History and PersonalityEdit

Shavram was born in the city of Cyris, the son of an elven refugee family, and he grew up knowing the slums of Cyris like the back of his hand. He became a thieves guild stooge at a very young age, and rose progressively through their ranks, until he split off from the group and formed his own minor guild which operated in Cyris. They were promptly thrown out of Cyris, and their headquarters torched by the main guild. Shavram and his followers fled to Anvar, where he became a successful drug lord in the industry of refining Almarish in the old tunnels beneath the city. His workers were primarily Orkayans, but a few Anvarian peasants aided him in his operation. Shavram is not as brutal or ruthless as some of his rival guildmasters, and in manner he is reasonable and appealing, if self-serving.

Skills and PowersEdit

Shavram is an accomplished rogue and drug lord, and as such his talents include refining, theft and combat. Although he tends to avoid battle he is an accomplished bladesman, wielding a powerful punching dagger imported from Kuldan. He wears light armour for flexibility, and also uses its enchantment to hide himself from his enemies.

In the CampaignEdit

Shavram was first encountered when the party were asked to clear him and his operation out of the city of Greyhold. His base (which extended deep underground) was thoroughly ransacked, and he and his warriors were imprisoned for their crimes, after some brutal fighting.

As a prisoner in Lathian's carriage, he appealed to the party that they could find a new life in Orkay and escape the elven Inquisitor's dangerous questions. They fled alongside the crime lord, although they refused to return his katar. Shavram introduced the party to Raven the forger before departing.

Much later, after the party returned from the Bonecleaver Islands loaded with Almarish, they agreed to sell it to Shavram's guild, for which he paid full price. It was implied that in the case of Hanu, this would be a continued arrangement.

Finally, he spoke to the party at the army camp in Scarfell, and explained that there was plunder to be found in the ruined city of Arcanator due to the fighting between the Armoured Titan and Astaveir the Lich. Alongside the goblin Backbiter, the group infiltrated the city, and with Shavram's help, they departed much richer than before. He has not reappeared since that expedition.