Siridan, Elven Councillor

Siridan is an elven lord and councillor living in the free nation of Ravain. He is noted for his careless attitude to politics and his skill as an archer.

History and PersonalityEdit

Siridan was born into a life of relative wealth in the elven village of Eltharian in Ravain, and from the age of ninety was groomed to join the army due to his skill as a bowman. However, he was conscripted by a group of rangers and taken south to serve as a scout against the hobgoblin clans. He achieved a degree of reknown for his abilities, and when the rangers were recalled to defend the capital, Ethellyn, from an attack by the hobgoblins, he stood as one of the defenders. For his bravery and achievements on that day he was appointed one of Ravain's councillors (an action which surprised many, not least the Inquisitor Lathian) and given jurisdiction over a region of central Ravain. He maintains tense relations with Lathian, due to their conflicting view on politics. In manner he is witty, carefree, and easily bored.

In the CampaignEdit

It was Siridan who provided the councillor's signature to Viserys' lordship documents, and later had a large house constructed for the young wizard. The house fell into disrepair, to Siridan's irritation, and Viserys proved to be something of a wasted investment, at least initially, leading to Siridan becoming annoyed with him. However, more recently Viserys has taken to his duties with a greater degree of responsibility, although all of his citizens are kobolds. Siridan is currently on good terms with Viserys, though he has had no extended relations with Iskander or Hanu.