Sylas the Assassin

Sylas was a seeker assassin and member of the Horde. One of the first seekers seen outside of Scarfell, Sylas was one of those tasked with assassinating several merchants in the city of Darthing Ford in Anvar.


Virtually nothing is known about Sylas, save that he was a seeker in service to the Demon Prince Graz'zt.

In the CampaignEdit

Sylas was captured by the group during a botched assassination of Lord Kavrond. He was interrogated for answers on their cause, goals and strategies, during which the enraged seeker managed to lacerate Viserys' testicles with his teeth and escape. Although the elf has since arisen as a lich, the memory still stings. Many years later, Viserys encountered the seeker in Scarfell, and swiftly blasted him to dust.