Taar of Easthaven

Taar of Easthaven Ready for Battle

Taar was a talented fighter and captain of the Easthaven Trading Company sent to occupy the formerly abandoned Dustboot Mine in Anvar.


Taar was roughly thirty when he encountered the party, having spent most of his life in Easthaven. He was a loyal servant of the Company, usually acting as a fighter or leader due to his cool head and skill with a blade. While he was not particularly intelligent, he was a logical and powerful fighter and aided greatly in strengthening the Company's foothold in Anvar, Altea and Orkay.

In the CampaignEdit

The party were sent by Sargon II to reclaim Dustboot Mine from Taar and his men, and they did so in a brutal yet efficient manner. The Easthaven guards were slaughtered, and although Taar made a heroic last stand against the party, eventually he, too, was overwhelmed. His enchanted gauntlets were taken by the dwarf Iskander and he still wears them today.