Talisa Redbeard, born Lowboot, is the wife of Iskander Redbeard, and Queen of Dura.

History Edit

65 years ago, Talisa was born the fourth child of Lordan and Mara Lowboot. With two elder brothers, and an elder sister, Talisa was distant in the line of succession the Lowboot clan, a family whose glory days were firmly in the past. This, coupled with her unremarkable looks and serious nature, made her a less than desirable marriage prospect from nearby houses.

Talisa, however, didn't particularily mind. She was more interested in the sciences than curtseys, and learned more from the court wizard, Odrick, than she ever did from her mother or courtiers. While her sisters were fostered off, to court Dwarven nobles, and improve relationships, Talisa served as an apprentice to Odrick, learning of a wide variety of subjects from the learned dwarf, ranging from geology to biology, from maths to magics.

Despite lacking an aptitude for it, Odrick gifted her his spellbook on his deathbed, lacking any living relatives. Talisa studied this text relentlessly, learned what little she could, and managed to achieve the amateur magical abilities she currently has.

In the campaign Edit

Talisa was first mentioned to the party in the process of sealing a Lowboot alliance during the Duran election process, when Iskander pledged to marry her in exchange for Lordan's votes. Despite Lordan's forced betrayal, due to Carta influences, Iskander still married Talisa, following his successful election campaign.

The ceremony took place without event, but weeks later, when the royal couple attended a feast at Grimfaust, the entire attendance were subject to an attack from Carta members, posings as Dace men-at-arms, in an event which was later referred to as the Grim Feast. Despite several casualties, Talisa survived unscathed.

Iskander and Talisa, while joined due to political necessity, have a good relationship, with neither paying much mind to the other's subpar appearance. Iskander appreciates her commitment towards learning and serious attitude, whilst she enjoys his kind nature, and tales of heroism. Talisa serves dutifully as Iskander's wife. and court doctors claim that she has recently become heavy with Iskander's heir.