Tarnish in the Legion of the North

Tarnish is a kobold rogue and sorcerer known for his intelligence, skill and desire for self-preservation. He is considered an enemy of Koboldova and of Viserys himself.

History and PersonalityEdit

Almost nothing is known of Tarnish's past, nor how he came to be with two other kobolds in the caverns below Val Kormin. In manner, Tarnish is sly, quiet and reasonable, and has been seen to show great loyalty to those he considers allies. That being said, he does seem to have a definite desire to stay alive above all else.

Skills and PowersEdit

Tarnish is an exceptionally talented adventurer due to his wit, skill and magical ability. He is an accomplished sorcerer and master of stealth, who generally integrates his abilities in combat for maximum effectiveness. He usually casts a spell of invisibility then targets the victims vitals repeatedly for insane amounts of damage, or flies high above and delivers fireballs while concealed. His clothes seem ragged and plain but are heavily enchanted to keep the small kobold alive.

In the CampaignEdit

Tarnish was first discovered in the caverns below the ruins of Val Kormin in Orkay. He was with two other kobolds, and after he rebuffed Viserys' attempts to assimilate them into his kingdom, they engaged in a duel, which the kobold won through use of magic and stealth. Viserys has never forgiven Tarnish for this insult.

He was later discovered as a member of the Legion of the North, and also as an employee of Garvix the Magician alongside Paedran and others. He was credited with the death of Herot alongside Hanu. Viserys had Corvale Winterbeard replace an ordered barrel of fish with a barrel of dogshit, but Tarnish sensed the trap within the barrel. He was one of those selected for the journey into the gateway dungeon, alongside Hanley, Akkadius, Viserys, Hanu, Iskander and another kobold. He was horribly injured in a battle with highborn, mainly due to Viserys, and was also robbed by the lich. Garvix ensured the kobold was returned his equpiment.

Tarnish was present when the party travelled to Passage, and alongside Paedran and Jack Morgan, he helped to defeat Azeidan's men when they attacked the party on leaving the vaults.