Tazar is a mysterious mercenary currently residing in the town of Watermeet.


History and Personality Edit

Virtually nothing is known about Tazar's past, although he must be somewhat wealthy as he employs a number of warriors who guard his home at all times. His skin marks him as a foreigner, perhaps from Altea or Thane. In manner, Tazar can be short-tempered and aggressive, although he has shown no tendency for violence despite the sword he carries. He can often be found hanging around the inn, Jathred's Haven.

In the Campaign Edit

Azuk, Osfryd, Keldin and Elijah encountered Tazar after returning to Watermeet with Lord Fenry's letter, but before they had opened it. Tazar attempted to purchase the letter from them, but unsure of its potential use, they refused him. This situation has yet to play out.