The Armourd Titan

The Armoured Titan

The Armoured Titan is a warlord from Orkay who took up residence in the city of Arcanator. He was until recently engaged in a turf war with Astaveir the lich.

History and PersonalityEdit

Very little is known about the Armoured Titan, not even his race, though it can be assumed (based on his massive size) that he is a giant of some kind. How he came to lead his people is also unknown, but they are for the most part loyal to him. At some stage after arriving in Arcanator, he occupied the Tower of Madico, and began attacking Taeving's Tower (perhaps for expansion, or perhaps simply because he disliked the lich Astaveir who lived within). In manner, the Titan is quiet and courteous, at least until he starts attacking.

Skills and PowersEdit

The Armoured Titan is nearly fifteen feet tall, and fully clad in thick plate armour. He is extremely strong, as one might expect, and extremely proficient with his sword. His helmet obscures his face altogether and is rumoured to be enchanted. He is capable of inflicting incredibly heavy damage with his sword, though his weakness is his willpower, as he is easily swayed by magic targeting the mind. Indeed, it was Viserys who exploited this flaw when the party fought the Titan in Arcanator. He is fast, tough and reasonably perceptive.

In the CampaignEdit

Shavram, Iskander, Hanu and Viserys fought with the Titan in the Tower of Madico to rescue Backbiter from Astaveir, and although the fight proved extremely tough, the Titan and his soldiers were eventually defeated. The Armoured Titan was surprised to be shown mercy, as he was offered the chance to join the Legion of the North and serve in Scarfell by fighting the Horde. He accepted this deal, and fought valiantly in Howling Pass, slaying many enemies and earning prestige.