The Bull

Bodahn "The Bull"

The Bull was a legendary dwarven barbarian from Dura originally. He was probably insane, or at least unstable, and was in the employ of Carvos Shademaster.


Bodahn was a dwarf born into an impoverished family in Halgard, and from a young age was spat on by the nobility. When his mother died of starvation, Bodahn walked calmly into the house of House Xon Dovos, ever their overseers, and slaughtered several guards, noblewomen and children. He was imprisoned in the Dreadhold for over fifty years, and on his release he immediately disappeared from Dura. Years later, a dwarf named the Bull appeared in Sarafey Forest, a servant of the insane elf Carvos Shademaster, along with his ally Vahandri.

In the CampaignEdit

The Bull was present only during the final fight against Carvos Shademaster, wherein he held the main bridge Carvos had fled across. He was engaged in a brutal duel with the dwarf Iskander in which both dwarves were weakened when Vahandri sent a fireball straight at the Bull, thus severely damaging Viserys and Iskander (though not Hanu, who evaded the explosion). Iskander claimed his enchanted helmet for his own collection after Carvos' death. The Bull presumably died after being thrown from the bridge by the fireball.