Kester, Red Mask and Spitter

The Duran Carta (or simply the Carta) is a criminal organisation operating within the country of Dura. It is comprised almost exclusively of dwarves.

Origins and GoalsEdit

The Carta has by reputation existed for as long as Dura has, originating as the sons of the Cartan House, and supposedly founded by Jorik Cartan, a notorious nobleman and drug lord. The Cartans famously sent their sons or their minions into the mines below Halgard to retrieve rathwort, a type of cave lichen which could be refined to create a highly potent drug. Jorik was eventually discovered and executed, but his children carried on their work and eventually expanded into other criminal activities, such as establishing gambling rings, funding illegal pit fights, creating fake gold coins, demanding payments from business owners, assassination contracts, burglary jobs and even setting up a political side to their group. When the last of the Cartans died, the group was not disbanded; instead, they continued calling themselves the Carta and a new leader was instated. Currently, the Carta are stronger than ever, and are believed to have over two thousand in their direct employ.

The Carta are capable of serving as mercenaries, and often carry out various assassinations or hired theft roles. They employ a vast array of techniques in completing their goals, from using smoke bombs and explosives to magical spells. Their leadership is unknown, but some have suggested that there are Carta ties to the Houses Iron-Breaker, Hammerfist, Stonebow and Goldbuckle. Most high-ranking members of the Carta are known only by their chosen alias, preventing them from being tracked. Their latest known role was the attempted assassination of Talisa Redbeard in Grimfaust during an event known thereafter as the Grim Feast, but fortuneately she survived the assault. A Carta thug was also found dead in Davodred's catacombs beneath the city isle of Passage.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Jaquen Hammerfist - It is widely suspected, by Iskander and others, that Jaquen is a high-ranking member of the Carta, and he has been imprisoned in the Dreadhold. However, there is no direct proof to implicate Jaquen and many have responded angrily to his imprisonment.
  • Red Mask - The only known name of a Carta member who specialises in combat, fighting with two swords before disappearing in a cloud of red smoke. He keeps his face covered by a crimson bandana.
  • Kester - The only known name of a Carta member who primarily uses a poisoned knife to kill his targets. He is also known for his ability to break into guarded buildings without being detected.
  • Spitter - The only known name of a Carta member who manages an illegal fighting ring somewhere in Halgard. He is so named because he often spits while talking.