The Gatekeeper, a Powerful Genie

The Gatekeeper is the only known name of the genie who was formerly the second in command of Jamankai during his takeover of Silur Cha in Kuldan.

History and PersonalityEdit

The Gatekeeper's past remains a complete mystery to the party, although it is suggested that he does not think much of Jamankai. It is likely that his role as Gatekeeper was a contract or some manner of bargain. He got on reasonably well with Hanu, Iskander and Viserys.

In the CampaignEdit

The Gatekeeper made his first appearance as the party entered the ruins of Silur Cha for the first time, as he asked them for what reason they fought. It is unclear whether this was the trial ordered set by Jamankai or whether this was an action taken by the Gatekeeper's own accord for his own interests. He later appeared just before the party fought Jamankai and wished them luck. After Jamankai's banishment, the Gatekeeper assumed control of the ruins of Silur Cha. It is unclear as to what he is doing as the new ruler, but Blackscale was no longer allowed near the Golden Citadel, so it is likely that he is removing ties to Jamankai's former trials. The party has not seen him since visiting Kuldan.