The Margrave

The Margrave in Battle

The Margrave is a title given to the Thanish leader on foreign shores. The current Margrave is a giant of a man who hails from Farhaven, famous for his talent in combat and his high intellect.

History and PersonalityEdit

The Margrave was born into a powerful Thanish family, though the party does not know which, other than that he is Maveorn's uncle. He was shown to possess a warrior's instincts and cold reason from a young age, and he was thus tought the ways of war. Impressed with his skill and strength, Emperor Vashaden appointed him first as a general, and later as Margrave. He led a series of attacks onto Altea, Cramen and Anvar, of which the first two were (temporarily) successful. After Murad succeeded Vashaden, their armies were withdrawn and Thane apologised for its actions. The Margrave is a cunning tactician and a titan of combat, but his motives and true nature are somewhat unclear.

Skills and PowersEdit

The Margrave wears a suit of incredibly heavy platemail, considering he was never much of a master of finesse, and carries a massive steel shield, meaning that most blows are deflected well before they would hurt him. He uses various weapons in battle, such as his demon's head axe and heavy morningstar. However, his favoured weapon is his Thanish Warblade, wickedly curved and rumoured to be enchanted. As well as his incredible strength the Margrave possesses a keen tactical mind, making him an exceptionally dangerous opponent.

In the CampaignEdit

The party witnessed the Margrave threatening and warning the disgraced King Corvan IV before Sargon assumed the throne and defense of Greyhold. His attack was rebuffed by the defenders, which as well as the party included the old man and Branden. The Margrave was unscathed, however, and returned to Thane alongside his armies.

He was later seen as one of the generals who fought the Horde in Scarfell, earning him international prestige. He personally fought in the Battle of Frostleaf Forest, the Battle of Jagged Peak (in which he slew two fire giants) and the Battle of Howling Pass. He remains a member of the armies here, and serves as Margrave to this day.


As well as being Maveorn's uncle, the Margrave's grandfather was a dwarf, making him one-eigth dwarf. This fact is naturally not well known in Thane due to the Thanish view of non-humans.