The Monster of Winterhome

"The Monster of Winterhome," was the name given to a ferocious ettin which was attacking trade caravans near the town of Winterhome in Eriabourne.

History Edit

The ettin first started attacking caravans leaving the town shortly after the orc tribe to the south had a brief skirmish with the dwarves of Winterhome. The ettin was found feasting on the corpses of the fallen, and thereafter became a menace to the citizens of the town, ambushing wagons and merchants and leaving no survivors. It would often appear near the road without warning. The location of its cave remains a mystery, but it could be that it was hidden in the heights near Winterhome.

Skills and Powers Edit

The monster was a truly awesome specimen, wielding a large freezing chain and a massive hammer with which it would tear through its victims. It was capable of grabbing someone in its chain and then hurling them massive distances, as well as using surprising cunning to surprise its prey. Like most of its kind, it was not particularly self aware, and could be lured into a trap with relative ease.

In the Campaign Edit

The party accepted the contract to hunt down the Monster in Jathred's Haven in Watermeet. They travelled to Winterhome, and despite Azuk having tense relations with the local dwarves, they began to hunt the monster. While Azuk appealed to the nearby orc tribe, the ettin ambushed Keldin, who barely survived the encounter.

The orcs joined forces with the party, and together they attracted the monsters' attention (as well as that of two dwarven guards) with a large bonfire. The orc chief was smashed by the ettin's hammer, but one of his followers, an orc named Cato, delivered a mighty blow to the monster. The final strike was landed by Elijah, who shot down the monster from afar with his bow. Captain Myron of the Winterhome guard gave four thousand gold pieces to the party as thanks, though they refused to share with Cato and the remaining orcs.