Sharhaven Main Gate

Sharhaven's Ruined Main Gate

The Sharhaven Conspiracy was an organisation dedicated to ending the rule of King Corvan IV and removing all Thanish influence from Anvar, particualrly that of Maveorn and his men.

Origins and GoalsEdit

The Sharhaven Conspiracy is so named because the leaders would meet in the ruined Imperial city of Sharhaven to plan. It did not last long after forming, due to Corvan being dethroned (although it could be argued that this accomplishment was partly due to the work of some of its members). The group was comprised of all manner of people, from elves, lords, and knights to peasants, hobgoblins and thieves. The common goal was the pursuit of freedom. Who the leader of this organisation was is as of yet unknown to the party.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Lord Shadon Kur of Carrow - Never expressly stated but can be safely assumed.
  • Dragomir  - Convinced the party of Corvan IV's treacherous intent, and helped kill Maveorn.
  • Branden - Helped to kill Maveorn.
  • Kathuntak - Ambushed Bardas' caravan, who was supplying Maveorn's men.