Dwarf Ranger 2

Thoram Iron-Breaker, Clan Leader and Warrior

Thoram is the clan leader of the Duran House Iron-Breaker. He is known for his absenteeism from his responsibilities and his love of drink and fighting.

History and PersonalityEdit

Thoram was born in the town of Rurik's Spear, founded by Rurik Iron-Breaker, the legendary barbarian who united seven clans into one and slew Azragoth, the Wyrm of the West. Hearing these stories as a child, Thoram became disillusioned with the poor state of his clan, of the bureaucracy Dura had become, and the relative weakness of Dura compared to its glory days. After Thoram's cousin, the former clan leader, was arrested for funding Carta crime, Thoram became leader. He took to the role grudgingly, and does little to support his people, instead spending his time in taverns, drinking at home or travelling into the high mountains and picking fights with orcs and other monsters. He is by reputation a demon of a warrior, slaying many foes with his axe, fighting with a ferocity only enhanced by his usual drunken state. Thoram is extremely bitter and suffers from both depression and alcoholism, and when he does attend clan meetings often speaks about reliving the age of heroes and monsters, when Dura controlled much of the eastern shores and the lands around.

In the CampaignEdit

Thoram was a candidate for the Duran throne after Endrin's death, though he was not a popular choice, being the first to be eliminated. He lent his initial support to Orvik Stonebow, who shared some of his traditional views, but switched to support Lordan Lowboot during the second round of voting. After this, he only voted for Jaquen Hammerfist, though the reasons for this are unclear. After the election of Iskander, Thoram returned to Rurik's Spear.

Family Edit

Thoram has a younger brother named Wulfric, an esteemed monster hunter and feared warrior.