Throben, Warrior-Priest of Moradin

Throben is a dwarven adventurer who hails from the Grey Marches. He is a stoic warrior who favours use of divine magic.

History and PersonalityEdit

Throben was born in Eriabourne city to relative poverty, having no noble status or wealth, but he proved his worth from a young age as a warrior and priest of Moradin, and was taken into service with the Healers. He travelled across the Savage North, treating the injured and doing Moradin's work. However, he left the order after his father died, returning to Eriabourne to look after his sick mother. After her death, Throben became a travelling cleric and adventurer, taking on several contracts to purge tombs of necromancy and undead. Most recently, he says, he was attacked while travelling the Gold Road by bandits with red cloaks, and maintains they were carrying the map to the Tomb of Kerraz. The dwarf is decent, if a little slow, with a great deal of reverence for his god and a sincere attitude.

Skills and Powers

Throben uses a variety of divine incantations before and during combat, particularly gifts from Moradin such as protection and blessing spells. He uses a great two-handed hammer with great effectiveness, often enchanted before a fight. He is very strong, wise, tough and likeable, but he is slow-moving and not much of a thinker.

In the CampaignEdit

Throben met Daevis, Sabjorn and Eredain somewhere near King's Wood and explained his situation to them, that he had discovered the map to the Lost Hills and was planning an expedition. They travelled with him to the Tomb of Kerraz and fought their way through the various creatures dwelling within, from the monstrous spiders to the cold-hearted drow. Throben showed a particular hatred of undead, and fought the undead guardians with great zeal. After Sabjorn read the scroll of Kerraz in the tomb, Throben departed for Caer Andros, though he gave no explanation for this.

Later, Jared mentioned that the Calenhad Circle of Magi was holding Throben as a guest.