Tibus II

Tibus in Battle

Tibus is an unpleasant and cunning rogue who leads a small group of adventurers. He is unpopular because of his underhand tactics and cold nature.

History and PersonalityEdit

Eredain says that Tibus was born in the city of Vandahar in Cramen and that he came north looking for old tombs to plunder. He apparently joined up with Anistaer and Krogan in Highmoon, both of whom agreed to work for him on the condition that they be paid a large sum of gold for each job. Tibus also took in Eredain after the young mage fled from his old bandit gang. They were planning a raid on the Profane crypts north of Highmoon when Sabjorn and Daevis encountered them in the Meadsprings tavern. Tibus is ruthless, immoral and very greedy, but he is not particularly cruel or sadistic.

In the CampaignEdit

Sabjorn and Daevis encountered the halfling in the Meadsprings tavern in Highmoon, and took an instant dislike to him. While Krogan and Daevis were engaged in a duel, Tibus stabbed Daevis in the back, leading to a full on brawl. Anistaer and Tibus were both knocked out, Krogan conceded defeat, and Eredain agreed to leave with the party. Tibus was thrown out the back of the tavern, where he presumably awoke later to discover his gold taken and his face bruised.