The Halfling Wizard Vahandri

Vahandri was a psychotic halfling wizard who was in service to the elf cleric Carvos Shademaster.


Vahandri was born into a nomadic halfling clan in Selvan, but after his people were massacred by hobgoblins, Vahandri and a number of other halflings launched a surprise attack from within the hobgoblin's camp. Vahandri, already a proficient mage, tortured their leader to death and had their women and children killed quietly before they slipped out of the camp once more. When the other clans of halflings learned of Vahandri's evil methods, he and his group were alienated from the clans, and bitterly they set off as bandits and highwaymen on the trade roads of Selvan. Most of them were imprisoned, save Vahandri himself, within a few years, but Vahandri fled west into Bruanon, where he briefly served as a mercenary. However, bounty hunters from Selvan recognised him and would have killed him had it not been for the timely intervention of an elf cleric from Ravain. Vahandri agreed to serve the cleric, and he announced his plans to occupy Sarafey Forest for the shade. Vahandri formed the third part of the party, the second part being the Bull.

In the CampaignEdit

Vahandri was only seen during the final fight on Carvos' walkways, and he served a brutal and pivotal role. He severely injured Iskander and Viserys by sending a fireball at the Bull (which Hanu evaded), and cast spells of protection on himself and on Carvos to ensure their survival. As well as the Bull, he also killed the drow Melisand with a thunderbolt, and used magic to destroy some of the bridges. However, the wizard Viserys managed to penetrate his zone of repulsion and disintegrated the halfling with a well placed spell.