Dead Fish Jetty, an inlet on Vernia's South coast

Vernia is a long, thin island in the Gulf of Silence. It is a colony of Dura, but only one settlement exists here; the capital, Tal Morith.

History and CultureEdit

Vernia was first discovered by the seafaring frost dwarves, who built the village of Tal Morith on the west coast of the island, near the forests and as far as possible from the eastern mountains and the monsters that dwell within. While the world changes, Vernia remains the same. The capital itself remains warm due to the magic of the wizard Kordenkhan, but deeper into the wintry wastes the weather is extremely forbidding and the terrain lethal. Vernia is also inhabited by fearsome creatures ranging from remorhazes and frost worms to bugbears and frost giants, meaning that Vernia is often noted as one of the most desolate and unforgiving places in the known world. However, the reason the dwarves maintain their colony here is Vernia is one of the few places in the world one can mine and refine violet ice crystals, which are not only beautiful but extremely valuable for arcane use. Thus, despite the cost of keeping the inhabitants of Tal Morith alive, the manufactured goods more than make up for this expenditure.

In the CampaignEdit

It was some of Vernia's violet ice crystals required to make the transition from mortal to lich, and the party
Vernia Cave

The Legendary Ice Caves of Eastern Vernia

travelled to the island in order to procure these rare artefacts. After a gruelling trek, they infiltrated some ice caves in the eastern hills, and cut their way through the frost giant residents to reach the crystal formations. The party was also careful not to venture too deep into the ice caves, as ancient and powerful creatures are rumoured to dwell within.