Vizian, Keeper of Lost Lore

Vizian is an ancient and powerful lich dwelling in the city of Arcanator in northern Orkay. He was formerly a grand mage an advisor to the throne.

History and PersonalityEdit

Vizian was born into an ancient elven family, and his intellect and ability to reason quickly earned him a position as a sage in the city of Cyris. Since then, he became more and more famous -particularly for his arcane ability -until he became a grand mage. He was supposedly the one who suggested Orkay adopt its current political system. Since his death and rebirth, Vizian has become extremely reclusive, creating elaborate traps and guardians to ward off outsiders. He is not in any way cruel, and seemingly not evil, and he makes his home in Arcanator's ancient library. In manner, Vizian is cold, intelligent and uncaring.

Skills and PowersEdit

It can be assumed that being a lich, Vizian possesses powerful arcane capabilities, although the party has never seen these in action.

In the CampaignEdit

The party infiltrated the ruins of Arcanator to learn the ancient secrets on the transformation from mortal to lich, so that Viserys might complete the ritual. They broke into the library, and impressively bypassed Vizian's wards, until they reached his chambers. He allowed the use of his Deck of Many Things, which had little effect initially, and instructed Viserys on the procedure of how to become a lich.

After Viserys was eaten by a dinosaur, Iskander returned to Vizian and drew from the deck repeatedly until Viserys was saved, though what price he paid for such recklessness has not been made clear.

Vizian later expressed an interest in the stone formerly in the possession of Carvos Shademaster.